maanantai 17. helmikuuta 2014

Land Awakening

Synopsis: Inspired by his son's voyage volunteering at organic farms in Spain, Mexican-Canadian Director Raul Alvarez embarks on his own odyssey to learn about sustainable agriculture, meeting extraordinary pioneers and experts living in a sustainable relationship with the Land.

Imbued with the backdrop of the Mediterranean colors, these unique character studies from Spain, France, Italy, Greece, and Canada are compelling, intimate and warm.

Through his encounters with these experts, paradigms like "agriculture", "tilling the soil", "supermarkets"‚ and even the term "weeds" are questioned, discovering innovative and intriguing approaches to food production and making his journey engaging and fascinating.

Raul's odyssey of discovery brings a timely and concrete message of change in how we relate everyday to the growth of food, and turns into a spiritual realization about all our relations.

A deeply inspiring film on the goodness of healthy food and the generosity of the Land.

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